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Ferrari X Cartier Formula Series Lighter New

Ferrari X Cartier Formula Series Lighter New

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Introducing an extraordinary piece of luxury and automotive history—the Vintage Cartier x Ferrari Formula Series Lighter. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite lighter combines the timeless elegance of Cartier with the thrilling spirit of Ferrari's Formula series. 

This limited-edition lighter is a true collector's item, designed to captivate the hearts of automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship. Its sleek and compact design, inspired by the iconic Formula series, embodies the synergy between two legendary brands.

The Vintage Cartier x Ferrari Formula Series Lighter boasts a lustrous chrome finish, adorned with the unmistakable Ferrari logo, proudly displayed on its surface. The Cartier signature adds an air of sophistication, showcasing the impeccable style and prestige associated with the renowned French maison.

Condition - Lighter is in new/unfired condition

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